Conductive graphene inks are competitive and 

market-ready but need applications to succeed.

We generate an environment where people have the opportunity to take risks and be creative

24 hours to 

Design  Prototype ● Pitch

the next big product innovation using graphene.


  • Vicente Orts

    I’m Vicente, I’m from Manchester and my research focusses on bringing graphene’s amazing nanoscale properties to materials at the macroscale. I think the hackathon is a great opportunity to make graphene more accessible and grow our community!

  • Chris Castle

    Hello! I’m a second year PhD student on the NOWNano CDT program. I am investigating the passivation effect of graphene on perovskite materials for low-cost, air stable solar cells. I hope to use my research to develop a method of scaling new solar panel technology and make renewable energy cheaper and more accessible.

  • Clara Skuse

    Hello hackers - my PhD is in chemical engineering and nanoscience. I'm making graphene oxide membranes for an emerging water production technology called membrane distillation. Through making these membranes I'm hoping to develop a more environmentally sustainable way of producing water!

  • Thanasis Georgiou

    Hi, I'm Thanasis. I'm Innovation and Commercialisation lead at the Royce Institute, UK's Institute for Advanced Materials. I'm obsessed with how graphene, and advanced materials, can have a material impact  in our world. See what I did there?

  • Scott Dean

    Hi, I'm Scott.  My PhD is in material science, focused on growing graphene on 3D porous structures for electrochemical energy storage.

    I designed this website so please be kind.


  • Eoin Griffin

    I will be looking at the ability of different charged ions to be selectively transported through a range of 2D materials. These results demonstrate the potential of atomically-thin crystals for energy applications varying from nuclear energy, hydrogen fuel cells, artificial photosynthesis and Blue energy. 

  • Solen Monteil

    I am working on graphene based biosensors. The aim of my PhD is to develop a device that would be able to detect viruses, using graphene's great properties

  • Alex Fordham

    My project (sponsored by Lloyds Research Foundation) is to understand the interactions and mechanisms of nanomaterials with the immune system, particularly focusing on the inhalation route of exposure. 

  • Pietro Steiner

    I’m Pietro and I come all the way from Italy to research 2D materials. My research involves the fabrication of graphene based thermal devices for space application . The superior properties of graphene will soon revolutionise the way we handle heat.

  • Ciaran Mullan

    My PhD focuses on the fundamental physics of 2D materials. I study the electronic properties of 2D materials and layered stacks of them, at temperatures near absolute zero. The long term aim of my project is to develop new measurement techniques based on capacitance.

  • Katie Lewthwaite

    Hello, I'm Katie. My PhD project involves developing commercially viable methods of incorporating graphene into battery electrodes. This may enable batteries that can be charged faster and have a higher capacity.

  • Max Taylor

    Hi, I'm Max, part of the 2019 cohort of the graphene NOWNANO CDT.
    My exceptionally cool research involves combining graphene with superconducting materials to create faster and more efficient electronic devices.

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