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Check here to find out the exciting equipment available to your team during the Graphene Hackathon. The list will be populated as the event approaches and equipment availability gets confirmed. If you think anything is missing, or there is a component you'd like to have available for your idea, don't hesitate to contact the Graphene Hackathon team and we will investigate adding it to the inventory.

Graphene by 


Research Grade, Highly Conductive

Graphene Ink

Conductive Graphene

3D Printer Filament

Processing Units

Incorporate computing power into your graphene ink creation for smart functionality.


Quickly and easily integrate audio and touch capabilities into your creation with the Novalia Creator Kit.


This small, low-powered processing device can be used to register touch from a graphene ink electrode and translate it into audio. Capable of running on LR44 "button" batteries for ultra low-profile applications, Novalia's Creator Kits have been used in hundreds of eclectic projects, such as an interactive printed brochure for Audi, dining tray music production studios for McDonald's and pizza box DJ decks for Pizza Hut. No prior pogramming experience necessary. Find out more


Connect your creation to a Raspberry Pi - an open source micro-computer. The ultimate blank canvas for any Hackathon project.

With Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB and audio connectivity plus 40 GPIO pins for sensors, the Raspberry Pi is a hugely popular and versatile computing platform with full desktop functionality. DIY enthusiasts, hackers and even space technology companies have used Pis to power almost every project imaginable - from home media consoles to selfie-taking satellites. Make your graphene ink creation truly smart with internet connectivity and executable programming, and be inspired by the thousands of open-source Pi projects already out there. Find out more

Sew the Adafruit Flora into your wearable creation. A fully-featured, Arduino compatible wearable processing unit.

The Adafruit Flora is a microcontroller specifically designed for wearable projects. Components on the board sit flush so as not to snag delicate fabrics and at just 4.4 grams is unobtrusive to wear and can be sewn into garments printed with graphene ink using conductive threads. Executable programmes can be written and run thanks to Arduino support and compatible sensing devices to create smart wearable devices. Find out more

Sensors and modules

Graphene ink printed circuitry can be used to transfer data and current between modules, making it easier than ever to create unique projects with smart functionality. This list will be updated regularly as the event approaches; check back here to see the range of easy-to-use smart modules available to incorporate into your project during the Graphene Hackathon. 
Think something's missing? Contact us with suggestions of useful modules and we will explore the possibility of providing them!
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